prepare from fish

What to prepare from fish and with what her tax to a table?

All know of advantage of fish – this valuable product can brag of the rich content of various vitamins and minerals without which it is simple to human body not to do. Moreover, scientists managed to establish that at the people using fish every day risk to ache with various illnesses of cardiovascular system it is reduced more than half. And still this magnificent product is considered excellent prevention of a stress and depression. So it is possible to prepare from it and what the small fish is best of all combined with?

First courses
Fish dishes are incredibly tasty, sytna, are nutritious and very different, the useful small fish is ideally suited for preparation and the first, and second courses. It is unlikely there will be such person who will refuse a plate of fragrant fish soup! By the way, such soups can be cooked practically with any grain or vegetables that in turn gives a huge scope of the imagination and the chance constantly to experiment.

And the undoubted leader among first courses, certainly, is fish soup. That it always turned out tasty and saturated, it is important to try to follow several simple rules: to weld a sea small fish, it is required from eight to twelve minutes, cooking of fresh-water fish usually borrows from fifteen to twenty minutes, and for cooking of a small fish from the Siberian rivers it is required from twenty five to thirty minutes. Cook a fish soup in the ware not subject to oxidation (enameled or clay), and vegetables in it it is necessary to put on a minimum not to turn a fragrant dish into ordinary fish soup. You should not stint only spices!

Salads and second courses
Of course, fish dishes are not limited to one soups and fish soup. From a small fish also magnificent salads (not only boiled, salty, dried or smoked fish, but also the most various fish canned food will be suitable for their preparation), appetizing teftelk and cutlets, and also fine snack turn out. Fish it is possible to boil, pickle, dry, bake or to fry. And as the fish prepared with vegetables is good, it is simple not to express in words! Especially well it is combined with potatoes, sweet pepper, eggplants, vegetable marrows, stewed carrots and the fresh or baked tomatoes. And sauerkraut with oranges will become an ideal garnish for a small fish from family salmon!

As for fat fish, it can be given to a table and with some fruit – with pineapples, grapefruits, slightly sour apples, oranges or mango. And, of course, fish it is always possible to combine with potatoes and mushrooms dishes, and also with some porridges (rice, wheat, buckwheat etc.)! It turns out nourishingly, tasty and it is very useful!

Surely include tasty and useful fish dishes in the diet, and your organism by all means will tell you thanks!


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