Water fasting for beginners

Water fasting is spent wisely, will bring health benefits and help to lose weight. The main thing to remember is that the correct input in fasting and competent way – almost 100% success rate.

The benefits of water fasting known since prehistoric times. Losing weight, general health of the body, cleansing and lightness in the body – this is only part of the bonus, which gives the water starvation. Rave reviews of those who practice it, it is confirmed.

Any fasting on three pillars: the gradual, the correct input in the fasting and the right way out of starvation.

If you are new to fasting, start with dinner passes. Week of such a regime – and return to a normal diet. The next time a few days in a row miss lunch and dinner. At the same time, drink plenty of water. Water should not be any, and mineral without gas, distilled or well. You can combine with water rather weak and unsweetened green tea.

Once the body gets used to the partial starvation, you can think about going into starvation. Proper start Water fasting (reviews confirm this) – half the success.

Entrance to the water fasting

First, start with water fasting one day.

The first time fasting is best done in a day, so as not to be distracted by the operating voltage. Days of six or seven to a selected day to exclude from its supply sugar, caffeine, and fat – so it will be easier to enter starvation, and their own way out of starvation as a result you will provide services. Drink at least two liters of water a day (that which ye drink during water (any duration) of fasting. Your diet during the preparatory days should consist of a variety of vegetables, lean poultry and fish.

On the eve of starvation last meal – at eight o’clock.

Water (or, as it is called, “wet”) begins in the morning fasting. Waking up, drink two glasses of water. Every time you want to eat, drink two glasses. By noon, prepare yourself half a liter of mineral water and slowly drain her. Continue to drink every hour on one or two glasses of water after three o’clock in the afternoon. The three you may want to have a particularly strong. Salvation would be green tea.

Out of the water fasting

Fasting ends at eight in the evening.

Pour yourself a glass of fresh orange or grape juice, half diluted with water.

At nine in the evening you can eat a pear or an apple. Do not eat anything until the morning.
In the morning have breakfast porridge on low-fat milk, you can add to it chopped fruit (except bananas).

It is possible to carry out two- and three-day fasting, but to gradually lose weight, cleanse the body and improve the well-being of one day in a week or two is enough.

Water fasting: reviews

Not to be unfounded, will share stories of those who first tried fasting on water and was pleased with the results.

Madison, 39 years: I do not believe in miracles starvation. I decided to starve for a company with a friend, to prove to himself and to her that this is nonsense. But after the first day (I had just one day and practiced for the first time) felt like I was washed from the inside. When starved for the second time, ignored the rules and did not make the correct input in the end barely survived to the end of the day, these were dizziness. The third week is already starved for science, and everything was fine again. I will continue every week, but I am now an academic, and output the same as it should spend, not lashing out at the food.

Olivia, 31 years: About fasting on water read in a newspaper, then examined the question of the Internet. It seemed that this is a good way to lose weight. Reviews have been different, many people said that to lose weight quickly and keep the weight on fasting is very difficult. And I know that the best result gives gradual. Now, every three weeks I’m starving for two days. I must say that I have become clearer skin on the face and shoulders, left bruising and swelling of his eyes, I began to sleep better. I do not change anything in my life, just started practicing refusal of food. Here you have a lack of confidence in the results!

James, 43 years old: Fasting – is good, but in any case not unauthorized. Only with the permission of a doctor! I myself am a therapist and so many tears I have seen with women who come to me for treatment after fasting … I will wish. If they came to me to starvation, we have analyzed their health and choose an individual scheme of starvation. Fast with the permission of a doctor!

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