Walking for weight loss or 10 000 steps per day

Walking is considered to be the easiest sport. After all, in order to start watching and does not require any special training or coach. Proved: Walking strengthens the cardiovascular system makes slim figure. Doctors recommend to take a day for 5-10 kilometers.

Surveys conducted in the US and Europe have shown that a resident of a day does not pass even the 2.5 km. This is considered a very small distance to burn fat.

How to lose weight through walking, you ask? First, you need to set yourself a small goal and achieve it – take place every day 10 000 steps. Or at least no less than 5.4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Naturally, the figure of 10,000 built up gradually. We need to start with 3000 steps every day, and only after 2 months it is necessary to bring this figure up to 10 000. Each week interval should be increased to 500 steps. You can walk in the morning in the park on foot or take a few stops.

How to start a daily walk, to change its shape?

If you want to see results as soon as possible, follow these tips. The first 30 seconds pass quietly, then 30 seconds on their heels. Alternate for 5 minutes so walking. The last 5 minutes walk calmly. But the main walking pace should be of medium intensity, to achieve maximum effect. Walking should start and end with stretching.

Walking for weight loss or 10 000 steps Walking as a sport is also an excellent prevention of various diseases. During the walk employs a large number of muscles, blood accelerates out of the body of harmful substances, including, significantly reduces the cholesterol. As well as walking – a proven remedy for stress, helps to cope with difficulties, it is easier to transfer any of life’s troubles.

Of course, in order to achieve a positive result it is important to combine walking with proper nutrition: do not eat fatty and high-calorie foods, sweet and spicy. Can you to count calories, this will help our site . Also keep a count calories. “Consumption” must be greater than the “coming”. Remember that moving at a moderate pace (approximately 5 kilometers per hour), you expend 250-300 calories. Intensive walking (6-7 kilometers per hour) helps to spend 400-500 kcal. Slow, leisurely walk helps get rid of only 150-200 kcal per 1 hour.

You can walk in during the day in different ways: walking with his girlfriend in the park while talking and sitting down, you can walk to the shops, walk to get to work, to overcome their own stairs or engage in professional sports walking. Each of these will bear fruit, but they are strikingly different from each other. The walk more regularly, the result is better.

The use of a pedometer can help you keep track of the distance traveled during the day, and even the number of steps taken. The pedometer can be put in a pocket or secured to the belt, you can install it on his thigh. This is the simplest and most effective way to achieve the goal. When buying, make sure that the model considers the distance and number of steps. You will be surprised how much you can add extra steps for daily activities, changing small habits.

Walking for weight loss or 10 000 steps Owning a representation of how much time you need to reach your goal, will approach the problem strategically. Perform calculations, you should be able to perform on a daily walking plan. The route is chosen depending on the distance and time it takes you 10,000 steps. Planned routes can help to analyze the process of implementation of the plan in the most convenient form.

Use during training slimming several routes, as the same way can be tedious, reducing the motivating spirit of a positive result.

Long route plan within a few days, you feel a surge of energy, and the short route – in those days, when tired, but the day is busy and you do not have much free time to walk.

Time for a walk, you can always find. If you are a new mother, you have a wonderful chance to regain past form, walking with a stroller in the open air. For the trip to the store or a child in the garden, try to choose a longer route, refuse short trips by public transport or car. And the result is not long to wait.

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