The persimmon fixes or is a purgative? What it is connected with?

Many fans of a persimmon are occupied by a question: The persimmon fixes or is a purgative? It is connected with various reviews of impact of a persimmon on the digestive tract (DT). Someone after the use of a persimmon has no changes in work of an organism. At others increase and improvement of a chair is observed. The third face a lock after the use of a persimmon in food.
To explain such versatile impact of a persimmon on an organism, it is necessary to understand what in a persimmon can influence an intestines vermicular movement.

The persimmon is a purgative

The persimmon contains a pectin quantity. In a persimmon there is more pectin, than in apples and oranges also rich with pectin. Pectin is responsible for the purgative property of a persimmon.
The pectin which is contained in a persimmon is called still the hospital attendant of an organism. It is capable to lower cholesterol level, improves blood circulation and improves an intestines vermicular movement. This last property of pectin does a persimmon by very valuable product. Besides improvement of a vermicular movement, pectins perfectly clear an organism of metals, pesticides and even radioactive materials.
Thus, the persimmon is normal and has to be a purgative a little, clearing an organism of harmful substances.
The persimmon fixes

There is a group of people in whom the persimmon does not cause the natural weakening action, and on the contrary causes locks. In this case the fixing action of a persimmon, most likely, is caused by some problems with intestinal microflora.
At dysbacterioses and problems with a chair, unfortunately, the use of a persimmon should be reduced or at all to remove it from a diet. Fortunately, the use of a persimmon at tendency to locks needs to be reduced only by treatment time from problems with intestines. Further it will be possible to eat it. The persimmon fixes not in itself because of the properties, namely because of problems of the person eating a persimmon.

Useful properties of a persimmon can bring to health of the person big benefit. But it is necessary to watch closely reaction of the organism to this valuable berry. At existence of harmful effects on an organism (for example, at locks), it is necessary to reduce or to refuse completely the use of a persimmon in food.

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