vegetable marrow

Such useful and tasty vegetable marrow!

The summer pleases us not only harvests of berries and fruit, but also abundance of the most various vegetables. Also the handsome a vegetable marrow – tasty and useful is not an exception! And it means that time to regale on this fine vegetable right now came and will not prevent to prepare it for the winter for the future too! It will be so pleasant to open a jar of fragrant marinated vegetable marrows, bright marrow caviar or unusual jam in cold winter day and to indulge with them itself and the relatives!

Than the vegetable marrow is useful?
The vegetable marrow is very rich with iron that does it by the real find for the people suffering from an anemia, and also the useful carbohydrates allowing to use this interesting vegetable even to diabetics and people with various metabolic disorders. Cellulose as a part of vegetable marrows allows them delicately and to softly normalize activity of a gastrointestinal tract, pectins well influence a liver, and vitamin C promotes immunity strengthening. Besides, the regular use of vegetable marrows makes favorable impact on cardiovascular system and helps to strengthen teeth and bones.

What can be prepared from vegetable marrows?
Recipes with vegetable marrows exists not just much, and it is a lot of: the crude or fried vegetable marrows willingly are added to salads, from vegetable marrows cook remarkable first and second courses, do of them the most tasty cutlets, ragout and fritters, and still they will become excellent option for preparation of the most various snack. Will manage to find the suitable recipe in such abundance even the choosiest gourmets!

And for winter of the hostess with pleasure prepare the most useful marrow caviar which can brag of extremely low caloric content and abundance of vitamins and minerals in structure. It is possible to make classical caviar, and it is possible to diversify its taste with various additives – anyway it will be a welcome guest on each table!

Conservation of vegetable marrows – one more important summer task, it is possible not only to salt or pickle them, but also to cook from them compotes and even jam! Vegetable marrows jam with oranges turns out especially tasty. You do not trust? Try!

As you can see, the vegetable marrow provides to hostesses a huge scope for a flight of fancy so do not hesitate to try to prepare something brand new or to experiment with already familiar dishes much!


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