Cellulose. The benefits of fiber

The fiber in the world today is experiencing a real boom. There was a time when the fiber was contraindicated for people with various disorders of the digestive system. But the benefits of fiber today is completely proved. Moreover, it is believed that the absence of fiber in the diet is the cause of many problems of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). It is also believed that the fiber is a must for weight loss.
What is fiber? Continue reading “Cellulose. The benefits of fiber”

Types Of Exercise

So, to get rid of atherosclerosis, we need to periodically make the endocrine system to allocate the necessary hormones (growth hormone and steroid hormones). For such stimulation must be mental stress, stress, overcome. It was at the time of a strong mental stress hormones are released. In order to stimulate a mental stress most suitable exercise. Try to understand what kinds of exercise there, and which ones to choose for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Continue reading “Types Of Exercise”

Buckwheat diet. Why work on buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet probably is not only one of the most popular diets. Diet buckwheat also one of the most effective. And, very importantly, it includes almost the entire range of useful and necessary nutrients for health.
It is believed that buckwheat diet helps to get rid of excess weight at a rate of 1 kg per day. Is this possible, or, as usual, we are deceived? I suggest to understand all the nuances of diet on buckwheat tightly to avoid disappointment later.
A very important feature of buckwheat diet is that it be combined with yogurt and some fruit. This ensures a variety of food that makes it a long time is on this diet. Continue reading “Buckwheat diet. Why work on buckwheat diet”

How many calories you need per day to lose weight?

Today we will look into one of the most important weight loss issues, namely: how many calories you need per day to lose weight? In one of our articles, we spoke about how many calories you need per day during normal diet. If you adhere to this rule, the extra weight will not be dialed. However, to lose what has already been typed, it will not work.
To the body began to use the accumulated body fat, you need to significantly reduce the daily diet. Due to this reduction of the body will lack energy, and therefore, it will start to receive missing from its own fat reserves. Continue reading “How many calories you need per day to lose weight?”

Errors slimming. 4 major errors in losing weight

Errors losing weight can be divided into several main groups. But before starting to disassemble these major mistakes in losing weight, you must understand that in essence, losing weight – is the process of correcting the mistakes made earlier in the diet. It is therefore important to prevent new for correcting these errors.

Thus, errors of slimming in order:

1. Starvation

The most important and common mistake for weight loss – it is a complete rejection of food. It seems to be logical: if you do not supply the nutrients the body, then the willy-nilly will have to use their reserves of fat. Continue reading “Errors slimming. 4 major errors in losing weight”

Fats. How many and what kind of fat you need to eat

There are fats that are necessary to completely eliminate from the diet. Other fats can be completely consumed in the correct proportions in the normal diet healthy person, but it is necessary to minimize when losing weight. And there are fats that under no circumstances can not be completely removed from the daily diet.
Those who know all these groups of fats this article, most likely, will not give new information. But if you can not guess what this group of fats, should read on to not make fatal mistakes. Continue reading “Fats. How many and what kind of fat you need to eat”

Osteoarthritis. Stages of osteoarthritis. How to treat arthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect any age, but it most commonly begins to manifest itself between the ages of 30-40 years. The quality of human life, affected by arthrosis is so reduced that the pro active life can often be forgotten.

The reason this situation is not so much with the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis, which we will lead it below as to the areas of joint damage.

When arthritis most commonly affects the knee joints. The second most frequent lesion occupied the hip joints, and the third – the large joints of the toes. The rest of the joints undergo Osteoarthritis is much smaller. Continue reading “Osteoarthritis. Stages of osteoarthritis. How to treat arthritis”

Benefits and harms of running

It is useful to whether to run.

If you ask any person useful to whether to run, then I think the overwhelming majority would vote for that run are very good for health, and especially for the cardiovascular system. It is believed that the benefits of running beyond doubt, and no harm, he does not bear health. And in general, all those who run in the park or even the gym on treadmills – well done. They are sure to live a long and healthy life.
Unfortunately, I must say, the benefits of running inadequate efforts expended on it. Heart Run will not strengthen from atherosclerosis, cancer and diabetes will not save (namely the three diseases lead to 95-96% of deaths – be sure to read about it in this article), and will help to lose weight only if the correct treatment and diet.
It is very likely that the previous paragraph will cause a sharp rejection in racing enthusiasts. But I will not unfounded. The following explanation. Continue reading “Benefits and harms of running”

Running for Weight Loss

If you set a goal – to lose weight, to throw a few extra kilos, there are several ways to achieve this goal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, liposuction surgery may seem the fastest and most effective way to become leaner, but you can not forget about the possible side effects and the fact that this surgery. In addition, an operation costs will be considerable.

Running helps to lose weight

Any weight loss method that is suitable for everybody and completely free. You know that you can lose weight by running? Lose weight by running, the power of each person, if you follow certain rules: Continue reading “Running for Weight Loss”

Manganese Benefits For The Human Body


Manganese also belongs to the trace elements. In our body, it is present in several enzymes and other enzymes acts as a cofactor. Action manganese is often associated with the action of other minerals such as copper and iron. Like other trace elements, manganese functions in our body is quite complex, and today is the subject of this trace element studies as doctors and scientists in the field of health. Continue reading “Manganese Benefits For The Human Body”