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Before buying poles for Nordic walking, you need to learn everything about their varieties and features. They are of two types:


Sticks fixed

Fixed walking sticks do not have the function of the selection of growth, so they are considered the most reliable. This version does not have any of systems that may eventually break or fail. For the selection of the height of the stick must be considered the sole option and growth. When you receive this number, it should be rounded to the closest five centimeters.

I must say that with the correct selection of sticks you will be comfortable enough go with them a variety of things. Usually sticks are sold in sports shops, and they have a graduation of 5 cm.

Sticks fixed
stick telescopic

With regard to models of telescopic poles, they may have two or three sections. They are compact, so they can be fixed in length and move apart, their application will be convenient for your walk. The advantage of telescopic poles is that you can take them with you, and they will not take up much space in your suitcase or bag.

“Anti-shock” Some models have a special system of sticks. It is a shock absorber located in the inner stick that beats upon impact on the surface and assume all of the harmful vibrations that can harm human joints. Such a mechanism is available only in special Scandinavian sticks.

stick telescopic
What material is made walking sticks?

In the process of used sticks carbon and aluminum, and fiberglass. Sticks of aluminum is not affected by corrosion. They are resistant to damage and is not dangerous, as they are fire resistant. In addition, the price of the stick is very affordable.

Glass fiber – this type of composite material which consists of synthesizing the binder and the glass filler. This material has an impressive weight and excellent strength values. All the positive aspects and benefits attached to most known materials.

Carbon fiber or carbon fiber – is the product of a composite type material, which is made with the use of carbon fiber. The main advantage of carbon fiber is that it is durable and lightweight. This material has a good resistance to the pressures of the atmosphere, it assumes no corrosion, as well as any deformation. All of these benefits are reflected in the product cost.

What material is made walking sticks
Which pens should be at the poles?

Mounting arms and handles call lanyard. They are divided into two types:

a strap;
in the form of gloves.

Mounts can be put on the width of the palm, and if necessary you can always tie them more tightly in order to strengthen or weaken the strap Lanyard. Some models are available with gloves that are detachable from the sticks. Such a function is considered comfortable when using special walking poles.

Sticks have plastic handles, they are usually made from cork, but in some cases they may be made of durable rubber. Materials that combine with the plastic, are an excellent basis for the handle.

Which pens should be at the poles
Varieties of tips for sticks

Nordic walking sticks are solid “shoe” and the tip to facilitate the move over the asphalt. Carbide tips can be of different types, according to their appearance they resemble the claw. A variety of other terminals in the form of spikes established. These varieties of tips you can pick up accessories that allow you to walk on the loose soil and sand.

The alloy used in the manufacture of ferrules, can withstand great loads. This tip is used on soft ground, on a snowy or sandy soil. In order to use it on other soils are used to protect the shoe. It has a different shape and consists of plastic, rubber or other higher strength materials. Slipper acts a shock absorber in the process of hitting the stick on the ground or a solid surface.

Varieties of tips for sticks

All this – the elements that need to be taken into account, before heading to a sports store for purchase sticks. This purchase is calculated on the next few years, rather than one day. It is worth paying attention to the positive and negative aspects of various models of sticks to choose the most suitable.
Manufacturers Nordic sticks

More than 40 years in a row has consistently good quality products company Exel. She began working in the distant 1972 and all that time she never ceases to delight many athletes gear with particularly long service life. It also developed the first stick, designed to walk, so you need to trust this manufacturer. Champions of the world competitions in Nordic walking Win with quality products of this company.

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