Mustard – the instruction for application

Mustard – the frequent guest on tables both many gourmets, and just fans to eat well. It is one of the most ancient seasonings known to mankind which is widely used not only in cookery, but also in a household, and even in cosmetology. What it can be useful for to us to what mustard really it is worth paying the attention and with what dishes and products it is the best of all to combine them?

Mustard is always useful!

Mustard is allocated with ability not only to awaken appetite and to do many dishes much more tasty – this valuable seasoning also is very useful. It contains the A, B, D and E vitamins which are actively promoting significant improvement of a condition of bones and skin, and also ensuring stable functioning of nervous system. It is a lot of in mustard and the most useful minerals – potassium, iron and sodium harmoniously adjoin in it to zinc and phosphorus. And still this seasoning won fame of magnificent natural antioxidant!

Mustard – the excellent assistant at cold and cough, and also at any catarrhal diseases, it makes the excellent warming impact. Besides, it helps an organism to acquire better greasy food and stimulates the exchange processes happening in it, and its ability to split fats makes her the irreplaceable assistant for all comers somewhat quicker to get rid of excess weight. However, you should not forget also that everything is good moderately so also too you should not abuse mustard.

Mustard and in economy – both for washing of ware, and for washing or for removal of spots is useful (especially well she copes with fat spots). On personal plots mustard is used quite often as an alternative to unsafe pesticides or for preparation of soils for landing of numerous garden cultures. And in cosmetology mustard is simply irreplaceable – mustard bathtubs promote the fastest transformation of skin, and wrappings from mustard and honey strike a crushing blow on cellulitis. And still it is possible to wash with mustard hair and to do of it the remarkable masks helping to accelerate considerably their growth!

And nevertheless the cookery remains the most popular scope of mustard still, this surprising seasoning perfectly helps to shade taste of the most various dishes!

To what dishes it is possible to add mustard, or small culinary cunnings
Most often mustard is added to various meat dishes or in foods from a bird – it instantly impacts them special relish and bewitching aroma. Mustard also is well combined with sausages or sausages, besides, it is actively used for seasoning of salads and for preparation of the most tasty mayonnaise sauces and various marinades. By the way, this seasoning can be used not only in ground or in a pastelike look, but also in the form of seeds.

And to the hostesses owning some “mustard” culinary cunnings, this burning seasoning will help to turn into the most real magicians! For example, to make excellent mincemeat, the meat overwound via the meat grinder needs to be connected to meat broth, and also to a small amount of crude potatoes, carrot and mustard.

And much more useful also home-made mayonnaise with mustard addition turns out fantastically tasty – for preparation of this analog of habitual store mayonnaise sour cream is connected to a yolk of the hard-boiled egg and to mustard. And the small amount of mustard added to a brine will help to keep longer salty cucumbers and to make them more tasty.

It is possible to enrich by means of mustard and taste of sausages – in this case they are not cooked, and roast on small fire on a frying pan, previously having greased with mustard. Perfectly this seasoning and the tough meat intended for frying helps to soften – for this purpose meat is covered properly with mustard, and just before frying wash out it and slightly added some salt. And to make beef roast is more tasty, meat should be covered with mustard in several hours prior to cooking. By the way, to wash away it before sending meat to be extinguished, there is no need.

Traditional mustard from HAAS
Tastes at mustard can be the most various – bright, saturated, juicy or even sweet-sour. The range of gorchitsa at the producer of HAAS well-loved by many hostesses is especially rich – this production can brag not only the most delicate uniform consistence, but also the matchless balanced taste. Such mustard perfectly will be suitable for fish or meat dishes, and also will become excellent gas station for salads.

Now the HAAS trademark presents to attention of consumers five types of excellent traditional gorchitsa – Russian, Bavarian, House, Kuban and Mustard with horse-radish. Ostrenky Russian mustard can brag of strong saturated taste, the Bavarian mustard will be ideally suited for preparation of appetizing dishes on a fire, House mustard with pleasant average and sharp taste will become the best seasoning to meat or fish foods, and spicy Kuban mustard will be the real find both for fish dishes, and for salads. If there was a wish to prepare excellent marinade and traditional zelts or the jelly, is a high time to pay attention to Mustard with horse-radish! However, snack with its addition turn out magnificent too!


And very soon new mustard from HAAS – Granular also will be available for sale. This mustard prepared on an original compounding and including integral mustard kernels will become not only excellent seasoning, but also magnificent ornament for great variety of dishes including festive!

– with what to combine an exclusive with “highlight”?
The range of gorchitsa from HAAS, certainly, is not limited to traditional options, this popular trademark very much likes to indulge consumers and an unsurpassed exclusive! Did not become an exception and mustard to which shelf arrived too: now the line of excellent gorchitsa was replenished with two original tastes at once – mustard with orange and mustard with honey.

Mustard with orange will please all gourmands with magnificent spiciness with bright fruit notes. It not only is perfectly combined with the dishes prepared on a grill, with fish, meat and a bird, but also will become a fine basis for refined marinades.

And the mustard with honey representing very peculiar juicy sauce barbecue is the best decision for seasoning of salads and for preparation of fried meat, chicken wings or appetizing ribs.


And finally pleasant news: in the near future on store shelves one more excellent mustard with exclusive taste will flaunt – it is mustard with a cranberry which pleasant sweet-sour taste will become ideal addition to a game, meat delicacies and a various culinary delicacy!

Diversify a daily meal with bright, burning and extravagant tastes of magnificent gorchitsa from HAAS! Enjoy them and surprise the relatives!


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