How to treat Sleep apnea

How to treat Sleep apnea

The syndrome night apnea represents the periodic, frequent respiratory standstill in a dream leading usually to awakening. It is necessary to treat apnea in a dream to restore normal breath at night and to avoid day drowsiness, decrease in working capacity and immunity. Besides, apnea in a dream is the reason of development of such diseases as raised HELL, reduces risk of development of a heart attack, diseases of heart, strokes. Treatment night apnea allows to reduce risks of development of complications.

Table of contents

1 How to treat apnea: healthy lifestyle
2 Treatment by positive pressure
3 Intra oral devices
4 Surgical treatment
5 Medicines
6 Treatment in house conditions
How to treat apnea: healthy lifestyle
First of all traditional council: the person to whom made the diagnosis night apnea has to change the way of life. There are patients to whom to get rid from apnea in a dream enough to lose the weight. Excess body weight is one of the main reasons for a disease. A syndrome apnea and weight are interconnected — 77% of the people suffering from excess weight suffer from various frustration of a dream, and 70% of patients apnea have excess weight. It was noticed that even at small reduction of weight quality of a dream, and back increased: at treatment apnea the person began to grow thin.


In 2009 researchers of the Swedish Carolinian institute under the leadership of professor Martin Neovius showed that in 9 weeks of a diet with restriction of calories to 500 in day at men with an excess weight weakening of symptoms apnea to 21 attacks an hour was observed. In total research it was revealed that within the next year after weight loss in spite of the fact that men gained the most part of weight improvement of a state remained. Even not with such strict restriction on calories, and on only 1200-1500 calories a day the diet among the studied group in 250 people in the researches conducted by professor of school of medicine of university of Pennsylvania showed improvement of a condition of patients by 3 times more often than at control group.

apnea dream

You show consideration at the right time before going to bed. The last dense meal has to be not later than 4 hours to a dream, in 2 hours prior to a dream only easy having a snack in the form of kefir, cookies, apple is allowed. It is necessary to refuse alcohol before going to bed and they cause decrease in a tone of muscles of a throat not to accept sedatives —. These factors provoke fall of a wall of a gleam of airways, as causes respiratory standstill.

It is necessary to sleep on one side. The dream on a back can promote a language zapadeniye during snore that again leads to an attack apnea. That in a dream not to turn over on a back, it is enough to make small laykhfak — to sew a pocket on a pajamas back and to put in it a tennis ball. The ball will press on a back and to awake sleeping at turn. In 4 weeks of tortures the organism will get used to sleep on one side.

The pillow influences the frequency of attacks too. On a high pillow the head adopts the wrong provision and respiratory passes are pressed. The pillow needs to be replaced either on flat or with orthopedic. Even more best option — to get a bed with a little lifted headboard.

Treatment by positive pressure
apnea a dream — temporary respiratory standstill in a dream received big distribution for treatment SIPAP-terapiya recently — the method based on creation of constant positive pressure in airways. For application of this method special SIPAP the device is used. Before going to bed the patient on a nose puts on a special mask, reliably fixes it on the head that it did not slip during a dream. Through it in airways oxygen moves under pressure that it helps to support a gleam of airways with normal operating state. Level of pressure can be regulated individually to adjust it for more effective prevention of fall of a gleam of airways.

Thanks to SIPAP of therapy obstruction is eliminated, breath delays in a dream stop, the dream is normalized and the health of the patient improves from first night of use. Regular use of the device leads to reduction of risk of heart attacks, strokes, a hypertension. SIPAP-terapiya today the most effective method for treatment apnea a dream at patients with medium-weight and heavy forms obstructive apnea.

Except SIPAP of the equipment are developed and more compact devices based also on a treatment method by positive pressure are successfully used. Special nasal Nasal EPAP devices have 2 valves which allow air to enter inside and interfere with its exit outside. Nasal EPAP are effective for people with an easy form of a disease and help to lower it to moderate. Also they are applied to often traveling people who have a syndrome apnea.


Intra oral devices
If obstruction of airways happens because of a zapadeniye of language or other features of a structure of the lower jaw, use is recommended to patients during a dream of special intra oral devices. Various mouthpieces, caps and other clamps push forward the lower jaw and hold language from a zapadeniye. In such situation the gleam of airways is not blocked at night. These devices help only at easy forms of a disease.

Surgical treatment
If night apnea it is caused by the reasons which are subject to surgical treatment, then are applied various methods of expeditious treatment among which:

correction of a nasal partition;
removal of almonds and adenoides;
uvulopalatoplastika-change of a form of a soft palate, partial/full removal of a palatal uvula, sometimes installation of implants of a soft palate and so forth.
For the choice of a way of operation and the place of intervention the dynamic assessment of the top airways by means of a polisomnografiya or respiratory monitoring or other researches is carried out.

At many single operations are inefficient, the multilevel modification of the top airways which is carried out surgically in one stage or step by step allows to achieve effect. The standard protocol represents a uvulopalatofaringoplastika (removal of a palatal uvula, a site of a soft palate, almonds) with promotion of a podborodochno-lingual muscle, a geoid a miotomiya and maksillo-mandibulyarny shift (increases space of back airways). Operations are performed with application of low-invasive methods of laser and radio wave surgery.

The main advantage of operation is that saturation by oxygen of arterial blood increases. In 2008. The Stanford center of a somnologiya and medicine of a dream published researches according to which 93,3% of the operated patients reached a normal standard of living. Surgical intervention led to increase of the general efficiency, level of activity, social results, attentiveness, communication and private life.


Medicines are applied mainly to treatment central apnea, apnea which has other mechanisms, than obstructive. Are applied to treatment such means as acetazoleamide or zolpidy and to triazoles. Unfortunately, long reception of acetazoleamide is transferred badly, and and zolpidy certain risk factors have acetazoleamide. Therefore only the attending physician will be able to make appointment.

As for an obstructive apnea, several approaches to medicinal therapy are developed:

increase of respiratory activity;
tone of the top airways;
threshold of microawakenings
suppression of a REM sleep.
Efficiency of these drugs is not proved.

Treatment in house conditions
In house conditions it is possible to reduce quantity of attacks apnea, and sometimes even to cure if the syndrome apnea arose against obesity. For this purpose it is necessary to keep to a diet and to give to an organism necessary physical activity. For example, training of muscles of a soft palate will help daily apnea to raise a tone of muscles:

Push language as much as possible forward, strain it, you hold couple of seconds. To do 30 times in the morning and in the evening.
To do the movements by the lower jaw up and down, at the same time holding it with a hand (also on 30 repetitions).
Teeth very much clamp a wooden pencil for 4 minutes.
Accurately and loudly pronounce vowels in any order.
At regular approach and responsible execution positive results will be visible in a month of occupations. Regular singing of the house will effectively add such training. During vocal exercises those muscles which fall down during an attack train.

As one more method of training of a tone of muscles of the top airways it is possible to consider udzhayi-a pranayama during which performance muscles noso-and rotoglotka keep in the drawn-in state during a breath. Exercise is called also snake breath. At regular the yoga to practice of “snake breath” is formed a steady muscular stereotype.

Some are helped by simple manual massage. It is necessary to do it on an empty stomach and in front of the mirror. Widely open a mouth in front of the mirror and a forefinger come for a uvula and a couple of minutes (how many it will turn out) the pendular movement mass muscles of a soft palate. Make more heavy traffics on a site to a uvula. The course of 15 days strengthens muscles of a soft palate.

Some more councils:

before going to bed wash out nasal ways water with sea salt or akvamarisy, involving solution in themselves;
for simplification of nasal breath drip in a nose sea-buckthorn oil on 4-5 drops within 3-4 weeks.

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