Headache in a nape

Headache in a nape

Extremely unpleasant type of pain – a headache in a nape. The heavy feeling, pressure in occipital part of the head, noise in ears, painful feelings in a neck and a humeral belt can beat out for a long time from an active rhythm of life. Therefore this pain cannot be suffered and ignored at all. Let’s understand as with it to do right thing.

For a start it is necessary to localize pain. Complexity at this stage is that it is sometimes difficult to be defined: the head or a neck hurts? Because of a large number of the nervous terminations in this area, the painful feelings arising in cervical department of a backbone can give to a nape and vice versa. Only the expert, based on results of diagnostics can make the concrete diagnosis. If to consult the doctor has no opportunity, then ask somebody to make to you easy acupressure of a neck and a humeral belt, it has to help you to localize pain. If you decided on it, continue to read below appropriate section.

The neck hurts: what to do?
The neck pains giving to a nape can be caused by the following reasons:

Cervical osteochondrosis – the disease pursuing the people leading an inactive life who because of an operating schedule or for other reasons long stay in one situation. Most often programmers, cashiers, office workers, long-distance truck drivers, etc. have osteochondrosis. This disease is followed by pains in occipital part of the head, in a neck, and at the movement by the head they can amplify. Headaches at cervical osteochondrosis are extremely unpleasant. This disease it is recommended to treat under supervision of the doctor.
Cervical spondilez – a chronic disease of a backbone at which in cartilaginous disks there are cracks and gaps, and when progressing – intervertebral hernias. Is followed by bad attacks of pain in shoulders, a nape and a neck. As well as in a case with osteochondrosis, the people leading a sedentary life are subject to a spondilez.
Miogeloz of cervical department, or otherwise – consolidation of muscles. Symptoms: neck, shoulders pain, constraint of movements, dizziness. Drafts, the wrong bearing, a stress and an excessive nervous tension can become the reasons of a miogeloz.
Cervical migraine arises at impact of pathological cartilaginous and bone structures on a vertebral artery which is responsible for blood supply of occipital shares. This disease causes a sharp headache in a nape, a neck and temples, and also decrease in hearing, dizziness and visual violations. To define cervical migraine, it is necessary to find the first cervical vertebra and to press slightly on it. If thus it is possible to get into a vertebral artery, and at the same time pain will amplify – there is a probability that it is cervical migraine. It is recommended to address the neurologist.
Besides, neck pain can develop at the wrong performance of physical exercises: muscular tension can cause weight in a nape, dizziness, feeling of presence at the head of a foreign matter. It is in that case recommended in any way to record a neck, having limited its mobility for some time. It has to give relief and reduce pain.

If you lead a sedentary life, then try to change a pose sometimes. You watch the bearing constantly, and, believe, the result will pleasantly surprise you.

In house conditions it is possible to try to make acupressure at a headache. If from massage it becomes easier, then it is recommended to register in several sessions to the professional reflexologist. Irina who had frequent headaches in a nape and a neck tells:

Working as the cashier in a supermarket, I long had to sit in one place. And if at first it was tolerant, then in several months by the end of the working day I began to feel a sharp headache in a nape, a neck and shoulders. Eventually, because of these constant pains I planned to change a job. But the girlfriend advised me to descend to one good doctor and after I tried all other ways of treatment, I nevertheless decided to register in massage. And it was my rescue! Painful feelings left and did not appear a long time. Now I time in half a year take a massage course from 10 procedures, and it to me is quite enough to feel completely healthy, vigorous and cheerful.

Really, time of rather ordinary massage to get rid of many pains and to lighten itself mood. Do not save on the health!

The head in a nape hurts
the head in zatylkebol in occipital part of the head hurts can appear for the following reasons:

Long physical or intellectual tension.
Mental overstrain, stresses. The probability of developing of a headache from stressful situations increases by 30 years, and women are more predisposed to it, than men.
Arterial hypertension – the disease connected with increase of arterial pressure. The risk of emergence depends on age (than the person, that a high probability is more senior) and on such factors as hereditary predisposition, smoking, abuse of alcohol, stresses, obesity, low physical activity, etc. It is possible to control arterial hypertension leading active lifestyle and having refused addictions. You monitor food: try to use less salty food. Canned food, instant products, semi-finished products is especially harmful. To the contrary, eat more fruit and vegetables as they are sources of potassium which lowers arterial pressure.
Head injuries.
Headache in a nape: treatment
First of all air the room. Slightly massage a neck, a humeral belt and a nape, then lay down and relax. Forget about all problems and stresses which had to be tested during the day, and try to calm down completely. These simple actions in most cases happen enough to calm a headache in a nape. If pain does not stop, then it is possible to resort to folk remedies from a headache, or to take a pill. It is also necessary to refuse smoking and alcohol because these addictions most often cause pain in a nape.

You remember, it is always better to see a doctor, than to self-medicate because insignificant pain can be a symptom of a serious disease.

Good luck!

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