Headache and nausea

Headache and nausea

The headache and nausea can be provoked by a set of various pathologies, diseases, and also human body injuries. The feeling of nausea and vomiting arises after signals of failure in work of a digestive tract begin to come to the nervous center which is in a brain trunk. Therefore if you are hurt by the head and feels sick, but problems with digestion are not observed, draw a conclusion that nausea in this case — only the accompanying phenomenon. Possibly, its emergence provoked the same factor, as a headache.

If at the patient it is observed the following symptoms: the headache, nausea, and also in addition to everything the general weakness, doctors recommend not to perceive each symptom separately. From practice, all similar unpleasant or painful feelings are caused by the general disease.

Reasons of nausea and headache

Communication of nausea and headache

In most cases such combination as a severe headache and nausea, is a symptom of diseases of nervous system. At the same time the craniocereberal injury, a bruise or hypostasis of a brain can become the reason for emergence of this state. Mechanical impact on area of the head provokes increase of intra cranial pressure owing to what there is vomiting and a headache. Quite often such symptoms are caused by a stress or strong overfatigue.

It is possible to distinguish the following diseases from other reasons causing this disease state:

Migraine. It can cause damage to nervous system. This disease is characterized by a pristupoobrazny headache and nausea. At migraine before eyes there can be patches of light, it becomes more difficult for person to transfer loud sounds and bright light. Duration of painful attacks depends on extent of violation of blood circulation of sites of a brain, quite often their duration fluctuates within several days.
Brain tumor. Frequent headaches and nausea can also have regular character. If in this situation you have no assumptions of the reasons of your feeling sick, and it becomes better not — surely see a doctor and pass inspection, it is the first symptoms of a tumor of a brain! Pay attention to time of day when you feel worst of all. Nausea, dizziness, a headache in the mornings – strong indications of a tumor or hematoma of a brain.

Meningitis symptoms

Meningitis. This infectious disease is characterized by an inflammation of covers back and a brain. Among its symptoms there is nausea, temperature, a headache, emergence of dark stains on a body. At meningitis of the patient feels the most severe pains in attempt to lead the head to a breast or to unbend legs in knees. Nevertheless, it is impossible to diagnose this illness in house conditions, only infectiologists and neuropathologists can make it.
Borreliosis. This transmissivny disease influences skin of the person, his joints, and also nervous and cardiovascular system. Among its signs there is dizziness, nausea, weakness, a headache.
Arterial hypertension. As a disease, it deserved reputation of “silent killer” because of asymptomatic course. Quite often, people for years suffer from an arterial hypertension, without guessing that they are disturbed by this illness. Therefore doctors at each opportunity remind that those who is regularly disturbed by a headache should control the pressure.
The similar symptomatology is also characteristic of food poisonings, collateral reactions to drugs. The headache and nausea can arise at diabetes when the patient does not observe doctor’s instructions or at anorexia.

Vladimir which the severe headache and nausea some time ago disturbed, notes:

Earlier my organism did not give reasons for concern, but about a month ago I began to feel severe headaches which were followed by nausea. At that time I had many urgent matters on work, I was too busy to dare to spend invaluable time for a campaign to the doctor. It seemed to me that as I lead a healthy lifestyle, I play sports and I drink vitamins, everything that disturbs me has to disappear without foreign intervention. But, despite strong conviction in the correctness, every day to me only it became worse. And there came that moment when I after all went to policlinic. What my surprise when the doctor told that the headache and nausea in my case is a collateral reaction to new vitamins was! I would never guess to connect deterioration in the health with the beginning of their reception.

Headache and nausea: treatment

Why there is nausea

Treatment of these symptoms means not only their masking, but also elimination of the initial disease or a state which provoked them. For this reason to treatment of feelings standard at first sight: a headache, nausea, weakness it is necessary to belong very seriously. Do not try to recover independently at all, without necessary equipment and education not in power will be even to establish you the diagnosis, without saying about recovering.

At detection of such symptoms as the headache and nausea, their treatment will begin at once after you see a doctor and you will pass inspection. By results of analyses the expert will define the reason of your feeling sick and will appoint the scheme of administration of drugs and procedures. In dependence about what causes in you vomiting and a headache the main method of treatment is defined: quick or medicamentous. The operational method is used at treatment of tumors of a brain, medicamentous – at treatment of the majority of other diseases.

If you have no opportunity at severe headaches and nausea immediately to see a doctor, then you take one or two medicines of analginum, aspirin, Citramonum or other medicines which are known for the efficiency on fight against a headache. Before it not superfluous will be to learn what pressure at you: raised or lowered, in this case you will also need to drink medicine it normalizing.

Council. You can help the attending physician to make you more exact diagnosis. For this purpose you need to fix only all painful or unpleasant feelings in what time of day they most often arise whether repeat again, etc. This information will help the doctor not only to decide on the diagnosis, but to monitor improvement or deterioration in your health throughout all time of treatment.
Headache and nausea: treatment In order that will cope with nausea at least for a while it is possible to accept absorbent carbon. Most often, the similar state provokes a fever therefore it is better to wrap up the sick person with something warm. If the head continues to hurt, and nausea does not stop, urgently call an ambulance car. It is quite possible that medical examination will reveal at you a serious disease which treatment it will be necessary to start immediately.

Remember that health depends in many respects on you. If you are disturbed by unpleasant feelings, pain, do not postpone visit to the doctor at that time when you have a lot of free time. There is a probability that the right moment will never come. If you love yourself, then you watch over the health, take in a habit to visit routine medical examinations and then you will forget that such feeling sick!

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