Frequent headaches

Frequent headaches — we sort the reasons

The headache even at a modern level of development of medicine remains enough puzzle – on the one hand, practically each person, from other party faced this symptom during the life though once, each patient can describe this symptom absolutely differently.

For this reason the doctor should direct the patient to inspection to find out the true reason of emergence of a frequent headache, under this symptom both diseases of a spine column, and the pathological processes striking vascular system of a brain both the blood circulatory system of all organism, and malignant new growths, and the inflammatory processes affecting brain covers can disappear.

Reasons of frequent headaches
If the patient complains that he is often hurt by the head, then attempt to self-medicate and begin independently, to accept the anesthetizing preparations without appointment of the doctor becomes the most wrong tactics which he can choose.

Frequent headaches at women

First, such treatment is in most cases absolutely inefficient – at different types of a headache the relief even to the same patient will be given by absolutely different preparations and techniques of therapy what here to say that it is impossible to accept without consultation of the doctor at all a preparation which helped the girlfriend or the neighbor.
Secondly, practically all preparations which are appointed for treatment of a frequent headache possess the expressed side effects, and the medicine accepted often can cause to an organism irreparable injury, and consequences can be very serious.
The third – it is not necessary to reveal and remove the cause of developing of a frequent headache, and then unpleasant feelings will be able to overset plans of the person of any age.
Now doctors allocate the following reasons of a frequent headache:

Violations of regulation of a tone of the arteries and veins forming vascular system of a brain including the vessels which are settling down in brain covers;
Violations of regulation of arterial pressure – a hypertensive illness and its complications;
Infectious and inflammatory diseases of covers and substance of a brain;
Migraines and cluster headaches;
Diseases of bodies of the musculoskeletal device – osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone can become the reason of emergence of a syndrome of a cervical artery at which there are violations of vertebralno-bazillyarny blood circulation;
Atherosclerosis of vessels of a big circle of blood circulation, including the process striking system of carotids;
Diseases of muscles of a belt of the top extremity and neck which provoke developing of a headache of tension;
Pregnancy complications – developments of severe forms of a late gestoz;
The injuries including postponed earlier;
Sharp and chronic intoxications of an organism.
It is necessary to notice that frequent severe headaches, irrespective of the reason of their emergence, develop at irritation of the pain receptors which are settling down in vessels of a brain and its covers (soft, web, firm) – substance of a brain including bark, cannot be ill only because they are deprived of pain receptors in general.
Even if the pathological processes happening in brain substance become the reason of a headache, this unpleasant symptom will appear only when changes affect brain covers. For this reason at a hypertensive illness frequent headaches in a nape or temples arise very often, and tumoral processes in tissues of a brain will proceed asymptomatically until time, free outflow of cerebrospinal fluid in ventricles and spaces of a brain will not be broken yet.

Frequent headache – what it is necessary to pay attention to
When developing a frequent headache it is necessary to pay attention to circumstances which accompany this symptom. The doctor at inspection of the patient, having listened to his story, tries to find out:

As there was a headache;
What preceded its emergence;
Where it was localized and as moved;
What phenomena (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, noise in ears, unsteadiness of gait) accompanied it;
What age of the patient;
Whether the general condition of the patient changed.
On the basis of these data the doctor can suspect the main reason for emergence of frequent headaches and the mechanism of their development, and also influence of contributing factors on the patient’s organism. According to an alleged cause the program of tool and laboratory researches is selected, and also the decision on need of consultation of specialists doctors of adjacent specialties is made.

Types of frequent headaches and feature

If there are frequent headaches at the child, then not always it can tell parents as where it hurts it. At patients of the first years of life it is necessary to pay attention to changes of behavior, appetite, and also to the indirect signs testifying to possibility of a headache – block, slackness, inexplicable excitement or drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, change of a muscular tone in skeletal muscles. At children of the first year of life becomes the reason of a frequent headache organic or functional violations of the central nervous system, a consequence of a pre-natal hypoxia and a patrimonial grass. The raised tone of skeletal muscles of extremities, intensity of muscles of a neck, unusual reaction to external irritants, late overgrowing of fontanels of a skull can be an indirect sign of violations – without consultation of the qualified children’s neuropsychiatrist and inspection it is often impossible to define the reason of this state.

Frequent headaches at pregnancy become a sign of a possible gestoz of the second half of pregnancy – in this case emergence of pain can be followed by flashing of front sights before eyes, convulsive twitching of muscles of a trunk, the progressing oppression of consciousness. Lack of the qualified medical care and immediate treatment can become the reason of tragic consequences both for the woman, and for her child. It is important to remember that not only increase of arterial pressure becomes the headache reason in this case (it can slightly increase or remain normal), and violations of regulation of a vascular tone and frustration of a water and electrolytic exchange. For this reason pregnant women at emergence even of not expressed headache have to report immediately about it to the doctor who observes it – treatment is carried out in a hospital by the accounting of all revealed changes.

Frequent headaches: the reasons If disturb the patient frequent headaches and dizziness, then as tumoral processes in a brain (both good-quality, and malignant), and the vascular disorders arising in the pool of vertebralno-bazilyarny arteries can be the cause of this state. It is necessary to remember that any tumoral process in a brain will be complicated by emergence of a headache sooner or later, the skull volume which is rather closed and symptoms of intra cranial hypertensia steadily will arise, but the speed of their increase will be different.

If there are frequent headaches and nausea, then, first of all, it is necessary to exclude existence of various intoxications — both sharp, and chronic. Sharp intoxications can be connected with bacterial and viral infections, hit of toxic connections from the outside in an organism, but this symptom is very quickly stopped at disappearance of a cause of illness. Such headache can be followed by temperature increase, vomiting, and at intoxications after vomiting the headache usually becomes less. Chronic intoxications most often become one of displays of a renal or liver failure.

If the headache after an attack of vomiting remains, then it can demonstrate organic defeat of fabrics of the central nervous system, inflammatory diseases, infections and tumoral processes a brain.

Frequent headaches in a nape in most cases the reason have vascular diseases or diseases of the musculoskeletal device. Such headaches can arise also at a hypertensive illness, the atherosclerotic process striking brain vessels, a syndrome of a vertebral artery which is one of the complications of osteochondrosis and other degenerate and dystrophic processes arising in cervical department of a backbone. Use of all achievements of modern medicine, including ultrasonic research (doppler sonography) of vessels of a neck and spinal cord, computer and magnetic and resonant therapy of the head and neck, angiographic researches of vessels can be necessary for a backbone X-ray analysis for establishment by truth of the reason of a frequent headache in a nape. At the correct treatment the headache in a nape is rather well stopped, but for full treatment of the patient the long course of therapy can be required.


Severe headache in temples
Frequent headaches in temples can arise as tension headaches. Violation of regulation of a tone of muscles of a neck and a humeral belt can become the reason of their emergence. Such pain can amplify after stay of a body in an uncomfortable position, a physical overstrain, a stress. If there is a headache in a temple only on the one hand, then such pain can become one of displays of migraine and cluster headaches at men – the reasons of emergence of this type of a frequent headache are studied insufficiently and for each patient after inspection the individual program of prevention and treatment is selected.

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