Fasting on water: Features

The result of starvation in the water will be weight loss, rejuvenation and cleansing of the body, as well as a significant health promotion. Doctors and nutritionists often recommend it for medicinal purposes, including getting rid of the extra kilos and under strong obesity. If the right to starve and monitor their own well-being, such a process does not lead to any problems.

Features of water fasting

For the entire period of compliance of water fasting is necessary to completely turn off any food and consume only water: distilled, spring, Well, from the sources to settle, melt and rainwater (collected according to the rules of sanitation and hygiene). Boiled, filtered or tap water is strictly prohibited. Mineral water is enabled, but because of the large amount of salts contained in its diluted with distilled better rate of 1: 3. Adding lemon juice or honey, as well as the use of fresh juices, tea, coffee, broths, compotes and other such liquid does not help, but only activates the digestive process, which is why the body does not go into the internal power mode, which occurs fat burning .

In addition, violation of this rule is fraught with nervousness and headache. The amount of water consumed per day is unlimited, but often is 1.5-2.5 liters. Less drinking is only in the case of congestive heart disease and liver, as well as edema and swelling of the lower legs (in the joints). Fasting on the water achieved the following objectives: defense system (immune system) is strengthened, which helps to cope with autoimmune diseases more quickly; as a result of the psychological (mental) unloading the body much better restored and cleaned; slow down the aging process through increased activity of the pituitary gland.

The time frame for compliance of such a regime is not set, they are individual and depend on the desires, the degree of preparedness, health. Newcomers better to spend a few months during the one-day fasting. Then it will be possible to cope with the load and during the prolonged refusal of food. On average performance as a result of starvation in the water splits 1 kg of fat for 2-4 days. Get rid of allergies, asthma, biliary excretion disorders can be for 2-3 courses per year, lasting 4-5 days. Often, in a review of starvation on the water practicing adherents say that the body is cleaned intensively rejuvenates and heals in about 2-3 weeks of continuous compliance.

Out of the water fasting It is important to carefully get out of starvation and serious attitude to this issue, because otherwise you may experience severe complications, such as acute pancreatitis. It is desirable that this process took place in the weekend. At this time, it is prohibited: meat, fish, eggs, salt, coffee, mushrooms, meat and fish broths, alcohol. The main principle of the water fast, how many days it takes itself lasts many days, and out of it. After a one-day mode, you just need to eat small portions of fruit, vegetables, fresh juices, cereals with a minimal amount of oil, cheese, stale bread or bread diet. If hungry 3 days, it is necessary for the same period to eat soaked prunes and figs, grated carrot and cabbage, buckwheat or oats porridge, vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, steamed or boiled vegetables, fresh or baked apples, cucumbers, yogurt, kefir, crackers and grain loaves. The second and third days of the menu can be completed 20 g butter and a glass of walnuts.

Drinking water is allowed to dilute fresh, green and white tea, a decoction of mint, rose, St. John’s wort, chamomile and other herbs, but without the sugar and, if desired, with a spoonful of honey. If fasting lasts longer than 3 days, the first 2-4 days you need to hold on to the juices, vegetable broth, herbal infusions and a small amount of baked apples, gradually increasing their volume, and the remaining days to adhere to the diet described above. Eat during the exit you need to slowly, carefully chewing food. Raw vegetables, fruits and berries are cleaning products, because in the beginning they should be small. Meat can have 2-3 times a week. More frequent use of it can lead to a weak headache, dizziness, specks before his eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, physical weakness and mental fatigue. For the same reason excluded starch and sugar. It is better to take them to the kind of vegetables and fruits, and protein – from nutritious seeds and nuts.

Useful tips and reviews about fasting on water On the eve of fasting should be careful not to eat too much, and the dinner is better to limit fruit salad or natural yogurt. The first day is useful to listen to quiet music, go for a long walk, but not to engage in vigorous physical and mental activity. If you feel good on the second day, you can seamlessly extend the fasting on water. For beginners, it should last no longer than 72 hours. Do not be scared The principle of fasting on water occurrence of hunger, sleeplessness or groundless fear. they will be soon. Should dress warmly, frequently rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. For the first few days of fasting in the water can form yellow or white coating on the tongue, which disappear with time. Just so, the body is freed from toxins. Halitosis, disgusting taste, and even bleeding gums also come out of this.

However, these side effects will be held soon. The saliva spit desirable as often as possible, because it is full release of toxins. During the first two days of fasting on water weight significantly decline by about 2-3 kg. In the following will go somewhere in 500 grams daily. A week later become noticeable improvement of the skin, nails, hair and figure. There will cheerfulness, flexibility and ease of movement. Every day of fasting on water, it is desirable to carry out morning exercises, self-massage and take a shower or bath and rub the whole body before going to bed. You also need to maintain their way of life and mode of the day, but spend more time outdoors and hiking, as well as to stop smoking and avoid rooms for smokers. It is useful to arrange a holiday for 10 minutes every 1.5-2 hours.

Fasting to 3 days is unloading, not cleaning. During this period, the body temporarily lose weight due to the departure of excess fluid, salts, glycogen. But these kilos quickly return. Therefore, water Fasting week, actually it would be 5 days and for 14 days – 12, etc. In principle, a positive effect is a three-day fasting rest and unloading of the digestive tract. Yet it is not necessary to consider this negative aspect of weight loss, such a three-day period every 2-2.5 months can very well affect the figure. A true starvation characteristic of ketosis, which means the transition to burning body fat and harmful own tissues, as well as the saturation of the body end products of digestion (fatty acids).

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