Dates – calorie, useful properties, benefits and harms, description

Date palm, or Phoenix, or Phoenicia – a genus of plants from the family of Palm. Dates – edible fruit of the date palm – common food product, widely available as dried fruit. certain varieties of date palm are used for industrial cultivation.

Dates – one of the most ancient fruits cultivated by man. They now serve as an important element of the diet in many countries around the world through superior taste and unique nutritional properties. Wild Dates used ancestors of the Arabs for another 5-7 thousand years ago. Israel has successfully germinate the seed dates found in the excavation of the object two thousand years ago. This variety of palm trees differed special healing properties, but disappeared over 500 years ago.

It is believed that dates contain all the necessary substances for humans, eating only dates and water , you can survive for several years.
Calorie dates

Calorie dates is 274 kcal per 100 grams of product.
The composition and useful properties of dates

Dates contain large amounts of carbohydrates (44-88%), and the data carbohydrates contain a lot of natural sugar ( fructose , glucose that serve quick source of energy for our body); fat (0.2-0.5%); 15 salts and minerals ( медь , железо , магний , цинк , марганец , калий , фосфор , натрий , кобальт , сера , . Boron, etc.), the amount of minerals in Phoenicia dried ranges from 0.1 to 91% depending on the type of minerals; oil (0.2-0.5%); 23 kinds of different amino acids that are not found in fruits such as apples , oranges , bananas ; vitamins A , C , B1 , B2 , B6 , niacin , and pantothenic acid , which promote the digestibility of carbohydrates regulate blood glucose and fatty acid content, pectin (0.5-3.9%); dietary fiber (6.4-11.5%), which reduce the risk of certain cancers . In Phoenicia and also contains fluoride , which protects our teeth from caries, selenium – an element that reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens our immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease. The dates do not contain cholesterol.

On average, one contains 23 calories Kas. Due to the fact that the dates are low-calorie and contain a wealth of nutrients, they are recommended to be used instead of sweets for everyone who adheres to a diet or just trying to maintain your weight is normal.

Dates strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys, promote development in the gut of useful bacteria, support acid balance of the body and nourish the blood, contribute to the development of root endings of the brain, strengthen the body’s ability to withstand different infections, including viral. Dates are also useful in anemia and hypertension, for breast and lung, soothe a cough and sputum contribute conclusion, it is extremely useful for brain activity. Dietary fiber contained in the dates, reduce the risk of cancer.

Due to the high content of potassium , doctors recommend to use dates in cardiovascular diseases. With heart failure dates stimulate activity of the heart, are tonic and tonic, restore power after a long illness. Helps dates in paralysis of the facial nerve, with fatigue and physical fatigue, diabetes. A decoction of dates with rice helps dystrophy. Dates are particularly useful for women during pregnancy, childbirth and child feeding. They facilitate birth, contribute to the beginning of the development of female body milk. They also recommend that instead of sweets for those who adheres to a diet and trying to maintain your weight is normal.
Dates in cooking

Fresh dates are added to the traditional cakes, muffins, cookies, cakes, fruit salads. They are used for cooking stewed fruit, jelly, cereals, sugar, flour, etc.

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