Choosing The Best Mat For Yoga and Pilates

Nowadays, many men and women begin to practice yoga in order to have better health and quality rest.
What makes yoga special? Relaxed muscles, increased flexibility of the body, better health – these are just some
The benefits of yoga. Quite a lot of people do yoga at home or in the park. This requires a good mat for yoga.
Why is the yoga mat so important? During the yoga classes you need a non-slippery surface for a comfortable and safe
Performing exercises. Therefore, to take mat for yoga, you need to seriously. You will be very happy when you buy
Really a good mat for yoga.

So, we present the five best mats for yoga. Continue reading “Choosing The Best Mat For Yoga and Pilates”

Walking for weight loss or 10 000 steps per day

Walking is considered to be the easiest sport. After all, in order to start watching and does not require any special training or coach. Proved: Walking strengthens the cardiovascular system makes slim figure. Doctors recommend to take a day for 5-10 kilometers.

Surveys conducted in the US and Europe have shown that a resident of a day does not pass even the 2.5 km. This is considered a very small distance to burn fat.

How to lose weight through walking, you ask? First, you need to set yourself a small goal and achieve it – take place every day 10 000 steps. Or at least no less than 5.4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Naturally, the figure of 10,000 built up gradually. We need to start with 3000 steps every day, and only after 2 months it is necessary to bring this figure up to 10 000. Each week interval should be increased to 500 steps. You can walk in the morning in the park on foot or take a few stops. Continue reading “Walking for weight loss or 10 000 steps per day”

Nordic walking sticks: how to choose and what are the – movement – life

Before buying poles for Nordic walking, you need to learn everything about their varieties and features. They are of two types:


Sticks fixed

Fixed walking sticks do not have the function of the selection of growth, so they are considered the most reliable. This version does not have any of systems that may eventually break or fail. For the selection of the height of the stick must be considered the sole option and growth. When you receive this number, it should be rounded to the closest five centimeters. Continue reading “Nordic walking sticks: how to choose and what are the – movement – life”

Types Of Exercise

So, to get rid of atherosclerosis, we need to periodically make the endocrine system to allocate the necessary hormones (growth hormone and steroid hormones). For such stimulation must be mental stress, stress, overcome. It was at the time of a strong mental stress hormones are released. In order to stimulate a mental stress most suitable exercise. Try to understand what kinds of exercise there, and which ones to choose for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Continue reading “Types Of Exercise”

Benefits and harms of running

It is useful to whether to run.

If you ask any person useful to whether to run, then I think the overwhelming majority would vote for that run are very good for health, and especially for the cardiovascular system. It is believed that the benefits of running beyond doubt, and no harm, he does not bear health. And in general, all those who run in the park or even the gym on treadmills – well done. They are sure to live a long and healthy life.
Unfortunately, I must say, the benefits of running inadequate efforts expended on it. Heart Run will not strengthen from atherosclerosis, cancer and diabetes will not save (namely the three diseases lead to 95-96% of deaths – be sure to read about it in this article), and will help to lose weight only if the correct treatment and diet.
It is very likely that the previous paragraph will cause a sharp rejection in racing enthusiasts. But I will not unfounded. The following explanation. Continue reading “Benefits and harms of running”

Running for Weight Loss

If you set a goal – to lose weight, to throw a few extra kilos, there are several ways to achieve this goal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, liposuction surgery may seem the fastest and most effective way to become leaner, but you can not forget about the possible side effects and the fact that this surgery. In addition, an operation costs will be considerable.

Running helps to lose weight

Any weight loss method that is suitable for everybody and completely free. You know that you can lose weight by running? Lose weight by running, the power of each person, if you follow certain rules: Continue reading “Running for Weight Loss”

Run For Health

Popularity of run is not so big today as it was in the 80th – the 90th years of the last century. The general interest in jogging pulled out people from a bed since morning a bit earlier. Ran in parks, squares, around own house — one by one and with friends, with a player and a stop watch behind a belt. Ran for the sake of good health, with the purpose to lose excess weight and just once again to meet adherents.

One of the most available, easy and effective ways to support an organism in a tone, and a figure in shape – run. Besides, as scientists consider, run positively influences also mental capacities of the person.
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