Potassium (K, Kalium) – effects on the body, benefit and harm, description

History of potassium

Potassium was discovered in the autumn of 1807 the English chemist Davy by the electrolysis of solid potassium hydroxide. Moisten potassium hydroxide, scientists have isolated the metal, which gave the name potassy, ​​alluding to the production of potash (essential ingredient for the manufacture of detergents) of ash. His familiar name of the metal received two years later, in 1809, initiated the renaming of the substance became LV Gilbert, who proposed the name of potassium (from the Arabic al-potassium – potassium).

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Dates – calorie, useful properties, benefits and harms, description

Date palm, or Phoenix, or Phoenicia – a genus of plants from the family of Palm. Dates – edible fruit of the date palm – common food product, widely available as dried fruit. certain varieties of date palm are used for industrial cultivation.

Dates – one of the most ancient fruits cultivated by man. They now serve as an important element of the diet in many countries around the world through superior taste and unique nutritional properties. Wild Dates used ancestors of the Arabs for another 5-7 thousand years ago. Israel has successfully germinate the seed dates found in the excavation of the object two thousand years ago. This variety of palm trees differed special healing properties, but disappeared over 500 years ago. Continue reading “Dates – calorie, useful properties, benefits and harms, description”

The use of quail eggs for children

The use of quail eggs for children not in doubt. However, you must take into account the fact that the child’s body weaker, less developed and highly vulnerable. Therefore, the use of quail eggs kids will have some special features.
We have already mentioned the use of quail eggs , regardless of age (Please read the articles if wondering how to introduce quail eggs in the diet), but will be even more accurate to use the quail eggs for children. Now we want to describe how it is possible to introduce quail eggs in the diet of children. Continue reading “The use of quail eggs for children”

Fasting on water: Features

The result of starvation in the water will be weight loss, rejuvenation and cleansing of the body, as well as a significant health promotion. Doctors and nutritionists often recommend it for medicinal purposes, including getting rid of the extra kilos and under strong obesity. If the right to starve and monitor their own well-being, such a process does not lead to any problems.

Features of water fasting

For the entire period of compliance of water fasting is necessary to completely turn off any food and consume only water: distilled, spring, Well, from the sources to settle, melt and rainwater (collected according to the rules of sanitation and hygiene). Boiled, filtered or tap water is strictly prohibited. Mineral water is enabled, but because of the large amount of salts contained in its diluted with distilled better rate of 1: 3. Adding lemon juice or honey, as well as the use of fresh juices, tea, coffee, broths, compotes and other such liquid does not help, but only activates the digestive process, which is why the body does not go into the internal power mode, which occurs fat burning . Continue reading “Fasting on water: Features”

Water fasting for beginners

Water fasting is spent wisely, will bring health benefits and help to lose weight. The main thing to remember is that the correct input in fasting and competent way – almost 100% success rate.

The benefits of water fasting known since prehistoric times. Losing weight, general health of the body, cleansing and lightness in the body – this is only part of the bonus, which gives the water starvation. Rave reviews of those who practice it, it is confirmed.

Any fasting on three pillars: the gradual, the correct input in the fasting and the right way out of starvation.

If you are new to fasting, start with dinner passes. Week of such a regime – and return to a normal diet. The next time a few days in a row miss lunch and dinner. At the same time, drink plenty of water. Water should not be any, and mineral without gas, distilled or well. You can combine with water rather weak and unsweetened green tea. Continue reading “Water fasting for beginners”

The persimmon fixes or is a purgative? What it is connected with?

Many fans of a persimmon are occupied by a question: The persimmon fixes or is a purgative? It is connected with various reviews of impact of a persimmon on the digestive tract (DT). Someone after the use of a persimmon has no changes in work of an organism. At others increase and improvement of a chair is observed. The third face a lock after the use of a persimmon in food.
To explain such versatile impact of a persimmon on an organism, it is necessary to understand what in a persimmon can influence an intestines vermicular movement.

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Cellulose. The benefits of fiber

The fiber in the world today is experiencing a real boom. There was a time when the fiber was contraindicated for people with various disorders of the digestive system. But the benefits of fiber today is completely proved. Moreover, it is believed that the absence of fiber in the diet is the cause of many problems of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). It is also believed that the fiber is a must for weight loss.
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Types Of Exercise

So, to get rid of atherosclerosis, we need to periodically make the endocrine system to allocate the necessary hormones (growth hormone and steroid hormones). For such stimulation must be mental stress, stress, overcome. It was at the time of a strong mental stress hormones are released. In order to stimulate a mental stress most suitable exercise. Try to understand what kinds of exercise there, and which ones to choose for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Continue reading “Types Of Exercise”

How many calories you need per day to lose weight?

Today we will look into one of the most important weight loss issues, namely: how many calories you need per day to lose weight? In one of our articles, we spoke about how many calories you need per day during normal diet. If you adhere to this rule, the extra weight will not be dialed. However, to lose what has already been typed, it will not work.
To the body began to use the accumulated body fat, you need to significantly reduce the daily diet. Due to this reduction of the body will lack energy, and therefore, it will start to receive missing from its own fat reserves. Continue reading “How many calories you need per day to lose weight?”

Fats. How many and what kind of fat you need to eat

There are fats that are necessary to completely eliminate from the diet. Other fats can be completely consumed in the correct proportions in the normal diet healthy person, but it is necessary to minimize when losing weight. And there are fats that under no circumstances can not be completely removed from the daily diet.
Those who know all these groups of fats this article, most likely, will not give new information. But if you can not guess what this group of fats, should read on to not make fatal mistakes. Continue reading “Fats. How many and what kind of fat you need to eat”