About Migraine

You remember what illness tormented Pontius Pilate? Correctly — migraine.

Among the headache reasons it occupies one of the leading places (adults have nearly 20%).

Headache at migraine usually unilateral, pulsing, amplifying at the movement or tension. Other name of migraine — a hemicrany, from Greek “a half of the head”. As a rule, pain at migraine is localized in the same place, but sometimes it changes from an attack to an attack and even during one attack.

Other key symptom are the nausea and vomiting which are not giving relief. At migraine sometimes disorders of sight, a sleep, a pricking and weakness of extremities, inability to speak normally, intolerance of light and noise can also meet. They arise before pain, forming so-called aura which foretells a fast attack of a headache. Attacks of migraine can begin at any age, but to a thicket they appear in 20-30 years, and begin to pass after 50.

The reasons of developing of migraine are up to the end not defined, from the contributing factors it is possible to note heredity, changes of the hormonal status at puberty, frequent stresses, overfatigue, intense cerebration.

There are several forms of the drugs allowing to struggle effectively with migraine:

Nonsteroid resolvents (NPVS) and paracetamol. Their effect at migraine very moderate, it it is possible to strengthen a little a combination with tramadoly or small doses of narcotic analgetics.
Antidepressants. The preparations used in psychiatry for treatment of depressions can be appointed in this case for impact on the special substances in a brain (neuromediators) participating in formation of pain and regulation of a tone of vessels.
Ergotamine and degidroergotamin — long since the applied and effective medicine. It works due to narrowing of expanded blood vessels of a brain. As a result migraine stops, but it does not prevent recurrence of an attack. Also its preparation in the form of nasal spray for interruption of the beginning migraine attack is issued. The preparation is very effective.
The newest and effective group of preparations for treatment of migraine — so-called triptana. They affect an exchange of a neuromediator of serotonin and are suitable both for prevention, and for interruption of an attack. Unfortunately, their application is limited by high cost.
Constantly it is almost impossible to keep cool. At the same time to learn to host quietly taking place events — an important step in prevention of headaches. It can become the first stage on the way of full disposal of them. Mastering of a relaxation, any of techniques, can help with it: yoga, meditations, Chinese practicians, breathing exercises, etc. It is possible to choose any, the most congenial and an esthetics.

Each of us has the images helping to calm down, remember them in a stressful situation. What was your imagination, completely plunge into it for five minutes. Massage, an akupressura (or acupressure), acupuncture belong to other techniques of restoration of a vascular tone.

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